It’s time to move on to another role. You should make sure you leave on the best possible terms with your current employer. You may consider the following guides:

  • Make sure you have already secured the employment contract before handling your notice.
  • Be aware of a possible counter offer. However you should remain confident once you have decided to move on.
  • When handing in your notice, do your best to continue to work to the same high standard and to finish your remaining work as well as to leave a comprehensive handover to your replacement.
  • Do not burn the bridges. Leave on good terms and keep your frustrations to yourself. As a gesture of professional good will, you could even offer to stay on an extra week to help manage the work load/train a replacement.
  • Do not talk negatively about the company. Find a polite way to explain why you left. If you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all.